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Technical Info


And how do they operate it? They pump water. From a top tank they fill the tank in the top waggon according to the passenger number, and for sure the tank is emptied again at the bottom station into another tank down there.


The brake with the compulsory hands on of the operator and the speedometer which is best kept at 12 o'clock. The centrifugal safety brake is released if the needle is in the red field.

The funicular is only operating from April to October, as the ballast water used to drive the cars might freeze in winter time. The funicular uses a 3-4-3 type track.

in working order counterballasted water propelled 3-4-3 type track

Weight of a carriage 8,100 kg, plus a maximum water fill of 7,000 litres and 40 passengers. Time per run is approx 3 1/4 minutes.

The table gives technical details.

Last but not least I want to mention that the funicular has even an official page

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